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The Chair Project

The idea came to me from a fellow photographer and friend who loved the image taken in 1963 of Christine Keeler sitting in the chair. The image was taken by Lewis Morley at his studio in Soho London, England.
The pose and shoot has been done many times so I'm not creating anything truly unique.


I have a copy of the chair used in the 1963 photo shoot, a Model 3107 chair that was designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1955. Itself is a variation on the Ant Chair produced exclusively by Fritz Hansen.

My idea is that each shoot will have the same setup as you can see here;  brick background, wood floor and the chair in the foreground. That's how each shoot will start. The model gets their own choice of clothes, hair and make-up and style of poses. I photograph and sort out the lighting and editing in my own style. 

The intention is create a gallery of each model/shoot with around 6 to a maximum 12 shots. 

I'm really interested as to how different each shoot becomes.

If you'd like to get involved click on 'Contact' up towards the top left of this page.

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