Boudoir Q&A

Q&A Can I bring a friend?

Of course. I can also use free help. Bringing your significant other I would advise against. I've found that you won't relax as much with your other half there and they get bored very quickly. You won't get the best out of your day and anyway, don't you want the beautiful album to be a surprise for them?

What should I bring?

Bring your lingerie. Buying something new for the shoot is exciting for both you and the intended precipitant of the album.   A dress shirt and tie works well for shots as does anything else of his.

Heels! Bring heels. Heels look fantastic in poses, plus they have the added benefit improving posture.

And anything else you would like to try just ask. More is better, It's always better to bring it and not use it than leave it at home and wish you'd brought it.

Who will be there?

Well there'll be you and me for a start, and if you choose a friend. There may, if you decide, be someone for hair and make-up but that is it.

I'm not a model, do you coach me on poses?

Oh yes absolutely.. I will give you direction on poses how to stand/sit/hold objects. For some reason my poses when I show them make people laugh!!

But you're a guy?..

Yup, and I'm sure my wife is happy with that fact... You'll find me professional, knowledgeable, and not too bad at what I do (also read modest and funny.......). I've read advocates on both sides; a female photographer understands a woman's side and can give you the best, sensual, feminine touch in the shots but a male photographer also knows how to make a woman look sexy and what a man likes to see.

I don't agree with either to be honest. I don't think either has the edge. Each photographer has their own style, the poses they use, the style of shooting and how they edit their shots. Each and every one of us have a different style.  Choose a photographer who's style you like and can give you what you want. which hopefully is me ;-)

I don't know if I want just anyone seeing my photos, will they be put on your website?

yes, they will be put onto a web gallery so you can choose which images you want. The gallery is part of my website not some random online gallery. There is however never any link, or route from website to the gallery. The link and page address will be unique and passworded and only you will get both the address and password to your photos.

I'll be really nervous can I bring alcohol?

Don't worry you'll relax very quickly. Eyes are a big thing for me. Bright sparkling eyes. Alcohol dulls that. Trust me - you wont need it. 

I'd love  to have boudoir session but I need to lose some weight?

I've heard this so much. No you don't, you are beautiful. Let me show you.

Do you use Photoshop?

Yes. I have the latest Photoshop, Lightroom and some cool plugins for them. Yes I can edit everything you see in the magazines, but I don't. I use it for things like pimples, stray hairs, the odd wrinkle,  a small amount skin softening/smoothing - you get the idea.

You'll be surprised on how much of what Photoshop is used for, that can actually be achieved by posing, lighting clothing etc.  in the first place - you know photography...

What about hair, makeup etc?

Your choice. You have the option to have your hair and makeup done before you arrive, or I can bring someone in for you. If you would like me to arrange for a hair and makeup artist just let me know and I can give you a quote.

Any other advice?

Bring a robe for between setups. Bring your hair brushes makeup and the like for touch ups if you have chosen to do the makeup and hair yourself. Make sure you pluck, tweeze, wax, shave and smooth to look your best.

If you have anything particular in mind let me know- let's have a look and and see if it'll work!

Okay let's do this! what do I have to do first?

well email or message me and lets set a day and time to meet and discuss things. Ask me all the questions you like - i'll buy the coffee.

Then we'll set a date and have it held with a deposit. The full amount is payable by the day of the shoot itself.

What do I get for my money?

So... I keep things simple and the current prices, as of the start of  2019 are...

$325, Which include approximate a two hour boudoir photo shoot with around three  clothing changes (the more changes the less time for actual photographing).

Your photos will be fully edited with the latest Photoshop software and placed onto a gallery that only you will be given the address and password.

Of the photos on the gallery you get to choose six of the shots which will be placed onto a custom wooden USB drive.

Further digital images from your shoot can of course be purchased, current prices are

Individually - $25.00

Per 6 - $78.00

I have a couple of companies that I use albums which are fantastic. once you choose your photos for the album, I design the pages and have you agree on the design before being sent off for printing

The are so many styles and sizes available that it would be impracticable to include the prices here. But I can talk it all through with you and cost it up before any decisions are made.

What now?

Don't hang around - give me a shout and lets discuss your shoot.

e-mail via the contact link or just via I am also active on Instagram and Facebook so you can tact me there too.

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